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   Dear participants! We would like to share that recently Sun Teams and ePayments became business partners. ePayments is an e-money issuer which facilitates payments globally by offering fast, reliable and secure service at minimum cost. ePayments guarantees to keep your funds secure and your personal data protected.

   Registration with ePayments is free and very easy - in just few clicks you can open an online account. Right after the registration you can start working in the system: you can deposit money to your ePayments account via Bank wire transfer, or Internal transfer, or with Bitcoin/ Litecoin or via WebMoney eWallet. With the same options you can withdraw funds from your ePayments account as well as funds withdrawal to your ePayments Prepaid MasterCard.

   Any e-wallet owner can apply for an ePayments Prepaid Mastercard. ePayments Prepaid cards are chip and pin secure, supports a Paypass technology. ePayments card offers you all the opportunities that Mastercard can deliver: cash withdrawal at any ATM in the world, payment for goods and services online and at POS terminals.

   To make it short, ePayments is a very reliable company which we can trust and that’s the main reason we have chosen ePayments to cooperate with so our customers can benefit too.