Dear friends, welcome to Sun Teams Company!

The main purpose of creating of our company was primarily for the wellbeing of its participants, so they can work together as one team, helping each other. We will do our best for you always to smile, and we know it’s possible only among friends. The purpose of our company is to include tourism in the most qualitative way in the system of network marketing and to become a world leader in this sphere.

Our team has great experience of participating in many well-known network marketing systems, the majority of which are familiar to you. Nevertheless, we have decided to create a new system which is called Sun Teams. The business model of our company allows ordinary people to start their own business with minimal investment. It is a single-line system which excludes imbalance typical for most of binary models. Our system does not require complicated calculations and it is very simple for understanding.

Sun Teams Company is brand-new in the world market, and therefore, it has a great potential for all the participants to succeed. With us you will be able to become economically self-sufficient, improving the life of your families and communities. You will also have a chance to help others achieving their dreams.

As a startup company we can have some drawbacks, but we give a word that we will correct them before our anniversary with your offers and recommendations.
Sun Teams is waiting for you!

Enjoy your rest and simultaneously earn money together with us.

Our company is brand new, but we will do our best for it to become the leader in the global market and to bring its participants joy.

In any case, the choice is up to you. However, if you choose our company, your life can change for better!


Our network marketing plan offers different package tours. For now, we offer only stays in the hotels, however, in the nearest future we are planning to offer other services related to tourism. You can find the list of the hotels in the “Hotels” section. 

Once the Sun Team system was ready, we have been thinking for a long time about the product which  can be offered to the participants of our system – the product which clients would need; the product which would stay up to date for a long period of time. Thus, we have chosen tourism and stays in the hotels, the number of which rapidly increases in our list of hotels. 

Travel business is constantly developing. Online tourism is becoming more and more popular. So we can say that online tourism is the business of the 21st century. Tourism is an economic sector with huge annual cash flow due to the fact that the number of tourists is growing fast from year to year. The Internet opens up more new opportunities. The annual growth in online tourism sector makes 10%. Consequently business with such good data is considered to be stable. 

Our company has modernized people’s emotions. Many people like to travel and to have good rest. Usually they share their impressions, feelings and emotions about the trip with others. Having taking this important fact into account, our company uses the power of references and the power of social sites. We realize that our tour packages cost more in comparison with the world market prices. But we also give more – the opportunity to earn money in our company. 

Network Marketing

Network marketing is an intellectual distribution, a process in which you do not have to sell the goods personally. It is enough to simply recommend some products or services to your friends or acquaintances. So you are paid exactly for advising or recommending the products, that is why such business can also be called advisory marketing. It is a wonderful chance to reach success in business for everyone. Each person can achieve significant results in career development and have unlimited earnings.

Making inessential investment into it, you will become the business owner. This business gives you a chance to go to bed and wake up whenever you want. You can also work in any preferable time. There will not be the boss for you. You will be surrounded by successful people. You will take rest in the best resorts of the world - wherever you want and whenever you want. Network marketing would earn money for you even when you decide to have some rest or stop working for a while.

Having come to the network business, many people ask some particular questions, like “What exactly do I have to do?” or “What is the job of the networker?”
Well, the networker’s job includes three simple steps:
1. Creation of the client base: it includes finding the clients and providing them with all the necessary information.
2. Creation of the  network distribution network: it includes creating and developing the network of distributors who would inform the clients about the goods and services.
3. Training: it includes teaching the distributors the information about the company and goods.
In any case, the choice is up to you. However, if you choose our company, your life can change for better!