Hotels Financial Issues Technical Issues

To change or cancel the booking you should inform the technical service about the change or cancellation of the booking. This must be done within 5 days prior to the arrival day.

You can make a withdrawal using a convenient payment system indicated in your account.

If you do not cancel the booking within 5 days prior to the arrival day, your travel package will be considered to be used and you won't be able to use it next time.

Simply add funds to your account and the payment will be automatically taken.

Your package can be used by the third party, but it is required for the person to be at least 18 years old.

Yes, you can. Once there is no debt on your account, the function to book hotels becomes available.

Yes, you can. But it depends on the season and the hotel where you want to stay. For more details, please contact the administration.

Yes, it is. You need to contact the administration. It also depends on the season and the hotel where you want to stay.

Yes, you will. You receive your bonuses as usual. It doesn’t depend on whether the loan is fully repaid or not.

Only authorized users can post comments and leave feedbacks. Please, register or log in already existent account. 

You need to log in your account first, go to the Setting – Edit Password.

You need to log in your account to be able to see it.

You receive bonuses automatically on your account. You can make as many withdrawals as you wish.

To be able to participate in the investment project, you have to purchase a product package.

Absolutely, you can participate in the investment project even if the product package was purchased on credit.

Participants of Saturn and Jupiter investment packages have a chance to withdraw funds before the expiry of the current package, but not earlier than in 90 days from the date of investment.

If you want to withdraw funds before the end of the deposit period you have to contact the administration in advance. The funds will be credited to the current balance in your account within three business days. 

You can invest in the same package multiple times if the total amount of the investment does not exceed the maximum limit.