Solar panels


Price: 700 $

Warranty: 12 months.

Availability in stock: 25-30 business days

Discount per package:

Mercury:  - 11 %       - 77  $      - 623 $

Venus:      - 9 %       - 63  $      - 637 $

Earth:        - 6 %       - 42  $      - 658 $

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Battery Capacity: 98Wh, 8800mAh (11V)
Solar Capacity: 20W (18-22V)
Weight: 4.4 lbs (1.99 kg)
Warranty: 12 months
Availability In Stock: Usually ships in 25-30 business days

Ideal for: Tablet, Laptop, DSLR Camera, Lights
Recharge by: AC, 12V, Solar
Kit Includes: Sherpa 100 (power), Nomad 20 (solar), AC Inverter

Designed to power all the gear in your kit, the Sherpa 100's versatile array of ports include two ultra-fast, 
smart USBs for phones and tablets, a 12V port for lights, an innovative port specifically for laptops, and a detachable AC 
inverter for DSLR cameras. The Sherpa 100 recharges from the wall, car, or from the sun with the included 
Goal Zero’s Nomad 20 solar panel.

What's in the box:
1 x Sherpa 100 Power Pack
1 x AC Wall Charger
1 x 12V Adapter
1 x Sherpa Laptop Tips 
1 x Nomad 20 Solar Panel 
1 x Sherpa AC Inverter


The Sun
The Sherpa 100 can be charged by connecting a compatible solar panel. 
For best experience, we recommend two Nomad 20 Solar Panels (see the chart below for solar compatibility).

The Sherpa 100 can be charged by being plugged into a regular wall outlet.

The Sherpa 100 can also be charged by plugging into your car 12V adapter.

Gear Institute: Best New Gear Award 2014 - Sherpa 100 Power Pack
Macworld 2014: Best of Show Winner - Sherpa 100 Power Pack Product Review 6/18/2014
Active Junky: Winner - BA Gear Award Summer 2014

Charge Times

Wall Charger (45W): 3 hours
Car Charger (30W): 4 hours
Nomad 13 Solar Panel: 15-30 Hours
Nomad 20 Solar Panel: 10-20 Hours

Battery Details

Cell Type: Li-NMC
Peak Capacity: 98Wh (11V, 8,800mAh)
Single Cell Equivalent Capacity: 26,400mAh @ 3.7V
Lifecycles: hundreds of cycles
Shelf-life: Keep plugged in, or charge every 3-6 months
Fuses: 20A, user replaceable fuse
Management system: Charging and low-battery protection built-in    


USB port (output): 5V, up to 2.1A (10W max), regulated
6mm port (output, 6mm, green, hexagon): 12V, up to 10A (120W max), regulated
laptop port (output, 7.4mm, orange, square): 19V, up to 6A (120W max), regulated
sidecar port (chain, 9mm): 9-13V, up to 10A (120W max)
AC inverter US (output, sold separately): 110V, up to 0.9 (100W max), 60Hz, modified sine wave
AC inverter Int. (output, sold separately): 220V, up to 0.45A (100W max), 50Hz, modified sine wave
charging port (input, 8mm, blue circle): 14-22V, up to 3A (45W max)

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